Creating, Regaining,
Maintaining, and
Life Enhancing
Cardio Conditioning
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Get in the best shape of
your life.

Get help setting and
accomplishing your goals.

Melt away pounds and see
your energy level skyrocket.
Learn how to apply a safe
and effective warm up,
periodization, proper shoe
selection, the foam roller,
and various types of
stretching to improve times
and stay injury free.
Optimize Results and Avoid Injuries
METS, VO2 Max, WATTS, and Target Heart Rate are
among some of the general conditioning terms that you
will become familiar with.
Become Familiar with Cardio Fitness

Creative intervals and special
mutual motivational techniques
make training fun, dynamic, and

Learn dynamic Jump Rope
techniques known by very few
that will make your jump
roping way more skillful, fun,
and effective.


Walking, Speed Walking,
Running, Spinning, Eliptical,
Jump Rope, Rowing, Box Jumps,
Stair climbing, Circuit and Focus
Pad Training are among the
diffrent types of exercise options.
Reciprocal Energy Fitness
by Skip Hicks                Milpitas, California                408 413 9630      Email
Mid-Distance Training (5k / 10k)
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The Schedule - Fun Runs (5k / 10k),
Half Marathons, Marathons

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Marathons, Marathons, Fitness Events
Progressive Periodized Running Schedule, Performance Nutrition and
Hydration, Event Day Pacing Strategies, Proper Stretching, Foam Roller
Usage and Recovery Strategies, Cross Training and Interval Training, Shoe
Selection, Progress Tracking, Motivational Support, and more...
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