Weekly mini-phone consultations as needed for Tips
    and Support.

    Online Fitness Report Updates to Track Progress.

    Printable Exercise Tracker to Record Workouts.

    Multiple Choice Fitness Quiz and Certificate of

    Free Email Account at RE-Fitness.com

    Individualized Meal Plan Printouts are Extra
Creating, Regaining, Maintaining, and Sharing
Life Enhancing Energy
Are You R.E.D.I.
Personal Training Online

    Do You Want to Get in Shape?
    Are You Busy and Always on the Go?
    Tough Finding Time to Get to the
    Is Your Schedule Always Changing?
    Need Help But on a Really Tight
Get the Accountability, Knowledge,
Structure, Support,
Flexibility You Need.
Upgrade Options:

One on One Personal Power or BMG Training Sessions
Customized Diet Master Pro Meal Plan

If you have a busy erratic schedule you can still obtain a
sound exercise program to follow based on your goals.  
You can also check in periodically with Skip for advise
and motivation.  What's more Skip will help you track
your results.
Reciprocal Energy Fitness
by Skip Hicks                Milpitas, California                408 413 9630      Email