Creating, Regaining, Maintaining,
and Sharing
Life Enhancing Energy

Building strong, functional, and
attractive muscles
is the aspiration of
most exercise enthusiast.  But one's
perception of strength is not always the
same. Developing musculature that will
provide the best functionality also is
relative to what your normal life activities
consist of.  And we all know that beauty
is in the eyes of the beholder.

But most of us probably agree that having
a body that allows us to retain our
youthful functionality is desirable.  
Keeping our muscles strong also helps us
to maintain an elevated fat burning

And of course resistance training also
helps us to increase and maintain strong

Below are some of the various benefits of
being involved in a resistance training

Muscle Toning:
Adding Muscle Firmness and
Attractive Visually Noticeable Definition.
Hypertrophy: Increase Muscle Size.
Muscular Endurance: Resistance to Premature
Fatigue when Performing Repetitive Sub-maximal
Muscular Absolute Strength: Ability to Exert
Maximum Force against an external object one  
Functional Strength: Task Oriented Muscle
Synergy. The ability for muscles to work efficiently
together to perform required task related to home,
work, sports etc.
Starting Strength: The ability to create a quick
and explosive movement by maximizing the amount
of muscle fibers recruited in the shortest time
Power: The maximal amount of force
deliveredover the greatest distance in the
shortest amount of time (Force x Distance
Divided by Time).
Reciprocal Energy Fitness
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Full Body - Complex Exercises

Full body complex exercises have the
advantage of allowing one to economize
their workouts (more done in less time) by
working several muscles at a time. Also
most life task require this type of muscle
synergy. Reciprocal Energy programs
integrate both isolated and full body

Targeted Muscle Isolation

Isolated exercises offer the advantage of
being able to focus on a specific muscular
concern without efforts being impeded by
metabolic exhaustion or fatigue by the other
muscles involved.  Also muscle isolation
exercises allow one exercise more
frequently without over training by focusing
on different muscles on alternating days.
Reciprocal Energy programs included both
full body muscle body and targeted muscle
isolation training.
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