Get Linked Into The
Reciprocal Energy Flow

Beginning, Moderate, and Dynamic Level Workouts Designed to Meet Your Individual
Parejas y Mini Grupos
Palabras de Sabiduría
S e are all dependent on each other and are much stronger
together than we are apart.

Andeed just to get up shave, bathe and brush our teeth   B
required the cooperative effort of many people.

Bo many scientist, farmers, miners, factory workers,
plumbers, truckers, store clerks, etc. have combined their
efforts to make our lives better.

I o you really want to struggle alone in pursuit of your
goals possibly lacking the needed knowledge, motivation,
or support?

D bviously that piece of exercise equipment that you
purchased with the best intentions is doing you little good in
the corner with clothes hanging on it.

U ake your move, stop stumbling by yourself, experience
BMG, and get connected into the Reciprocal Energy Flow.
Reciprocal Energy Fitness in Spanish
by Skip Hicks                Milpitas, California                408 413 9630      Email
Energia Reciproca Condicion Fisica - BMG
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