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Reciprocal Energy Flow

Beginning, Moderate, and Dynamic Level Workouts
Designed to Meet Your Individual Needs

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Personal, Buddy, and Group Training
Weight Loss Nutrition Program
    Menu Planning
    Get an individualized menu plan
    containing many of your favorite
    foods. Meal plans are constructed
    using the DietMasterPro software.

    Setting Goals
    Get professional help in determining a
    healthy and realistic goal, strategy,
    and tracking schedule.

    Weekly Weigh Ins
    Get the accountability and tracking
    assistance that you need to facilitate
    your road to success.

    Exercise Program Printout
    Get a basic exercise printout showing
    the focus, suggested resistance level,
    and repetitions of each exercise.  
    Learn how to Burn Calories Both
    During and After Your Workouts!/

    Having someone knowledgeable in
    nutrition that understands the different
    challenges can help you to avoid
    common pitfalls.
Reciprocal Energy Fitness
by Skip Hicks                Milpitas, California                408 413 9630      Email