Reciprocal Energy is Real

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The level of motivation and energy generated from being an active participant in a mutually beneficial client / trainer energy exchange is almost imossible to duplicate alone. This is a dynamic energy field in which the roles of student and teacher sometimes change back and forth.  A wise teacher is also a perpetual learner.

The Reciprocal Energy Fitness program is an exciting scientifically based program that encompasses cardio, resistance training, and flexibility exercises. Designed to provide clients with variety and new challenges Reciprocal Energy Fitness incorporates modalities, exercises, and techniques from different sports, sciences, and disciplines.

What’s more Reciprocal Energy Fitness also focuses on the character developing qualites of effective goal planning, knowledge building, discipline, intelligent strategizing, and improved confidence.

This is R.E.A.L. *** Reciprocal Energy Active Life ***

-Skip Hicks / Multi-Certified Fitness Trainer


Great Sudorific Circuit Workout Today!

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Today’s (hour and 15 min) workout consisted of spinning, jump roping, burpees, two outdoor quarter mile runs, resistance band curls and tricep kickbacks, 40 consecutive pushups, clean high pulls, alternating lunges holding the barbell overhead and power ashtanga yoga. We covered cardio, resistance training, and flexibility exercises. You gotta try a Sudorific Circuit group fitness training workout. They are awesome!


Hello world!

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Skip flexing for the camera in his Body by Skip shirt.

Skip Hicks - CFT

Hey REDI Team,

Welcome to my blog. Remember that we are all dedependent on each other. Good energy as well as laziness and bad energy are both contagious. So let’s spread positve, productive, loving, and powerfull energy. Get connected into the Reciprocal Energy flow.

Let’s Turn Lethargy into Energy and Energy into Synergy

Have a great day,

Skip Hicks

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