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Creating, Regaining, Maintaining, and Sharing
Life Enhancing Energy
Keep it R.E.A.L. and be R.E.D.I.
with the Reciprocal Energy Fitness program.
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Reciprocal Energy Fitness

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Reciprocal Energy Fitness
by Skip Hicks                Milpitas, California                408 413 9630      Email
Reciprocal Energy Fitness is a
program created by multi-certified trainer
Skip Hicks
.  Reciprocal Energy is a name
based on the concept of being an active
participant in a mutually beneficial energy
exchange. Here each person's efforts and
energy are highly appreciated. Reaching ones
fitness goals isn't always easy.  But it is
important to remember that we are stronger
together than we are apart. Overactive egos
frequently fool us into thinking otherwise but
we all need a little help from time to time.
Reciprocal Energy Fitness is a program with
structure, character, and personality. Get
connected and experience
Energy Fitness.


A scientifically sound structure which
incorporates techniques, practices, and
principles from varied disciplines. Balanced
focus is directed towards weight management,
cardio-respiratory competency, muscular
strength development, and acquiring healthy
levels of joint and muscular flexibility.

A program based on intelligence,
determination, patience, faith, compassion,
and wisdom.

A program with an inherently creative and
dynamic personality. Convert a dull "must do"
exercise program into an interesting "I look
forward to" result producing fitness and
self-empowerment experience.
Reciprocal Energy Fitness - Bilingual Fitness
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